MyEquilibrium is a personal development and life management program.

We help individuals explore, design, and manage their lives—holistically.

The result?  Focus, balance, well-being.

Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
— Albert Einstein

Your journey

Your journey is unique. We offer a whole-life, experiential approach to help you find your focus, balance, and well-being.

I recommend this program to anyone—even, and maybe especially, to people who think there is nothing left for them to discover.
— Gilles, program participant

for business

People are your greatest asset.

Build a culture of well-being—for mutual benefit.

Businesses have a responsibility to support employee well-being. This is why we work with MyEquilibrium.
— Maurizio Di Fonzo, Head of HR, AXA Italy

for social impact

Change starts from within.

Put individual well-being at the heart of your impact.

MyEquilibrium helped me rediscover vital emotions and relationships. The experience helped me reevaluate my goals and priorities.
— Corinne, program participant

partner network

Discover our network of partners—organizational development consultants, personal development coaches, and counselors who are putting individual well-being at the center of their practice.

MyEquilibrium offers well-designed programs that enable deep self-reflection. The coaches create a comfortable, relaxed environment, perfect for the kind of introspection the program makes possible.

— Ileana, business partner

Why balance matters

MyEquilibrium—focus, balance, and well-being, in all aspects of life.

this is us

Our story, our founder, our team.